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Data Collection Services in Orlando, Florida

At Practical Products Group, LLC, in Orlando, Florida, we offer innovative data collection services to keep your business secure.

Collection Manager

Data Collection Readers & Software

Using iButtons to indicate location, personnel or code compliances are used in conjunction with the choice of Data Collection Readers to capture information for tracking and running audits and compliance.

How It Works

eDatamanage™ is a third party software application that upgrades Videx Data Collection systems and provides support for both PulseStar™ and iBR9000™ systems. This allows you to have powerful reporting and tracking capabilities.

Electronic Data Collection

Electronic data collection is defined as the method of using electronic handheld readers to collect data from a bar code, iButton™, or RFID tags and assemble it into useful information. This information can be reported on or it can be forwarded to other applications.

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